Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quiet depth

There's depth and quiet in the landscape out here at the coast over Easter. The bullrushes are showing their final russet coat before the decline, while distant hills seem transparent in the soft light.
 A full tide sweeps over the iron sand, keeping me up on the high track above the beach.
While a lone kingfisher keeps vigil, and a change in the weather slowly sweeps over the sky.


Anonymous said...

I love the tranquility and peace your post evokes, Juliet. Autumn is a favorite time for me and you portray her so well in your words and your photos. We don't see many kingfishers around here, but, one used to sit lookout over a river that I would see each morning in the spring for many years on a route to work. Your kingfisher here reminds me of him.

Unknown said...

Beautiful west coast views and the lone kingfisher is perfect. I can feel the silky texture of the black sands under foot.