Saturday, March 12, 2011

Autumn seeds and flowers

On the hill, toi toi waving freely.
At the base, blackberries ripening.
In the bush, a bridal shower of houhere (lacebark).

Autumn is here on the coast, with its own rich beauty and contrasts.


Marja said...

Beautiful pictures Love the top one. We have this year so many blackberries in our garden that we are picking bowls full everyday. Everyone visiting goes home with a bowl of this delight

Marilyn & Jeff said...

It's such a lovely season - both of ripening of seeds and of plants dying back.
I have been enjoying the fruits of nature and have had some wonderful juicy blackberries when out on walks.

Anonymous said...

I love autumn and its ripening. Such a wonderful season - especially with all those blackberries ripe for the picking. Enjoy.