Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I spent the day getting rid of things, clearing my desk, throwing away old papers that were no longer needed.

I hadn't planned the day that way; it just happened. I had thought to continue working on my new projects, but somehow the mess had been interfering with the new work. I also cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, filled the recycling bin, then vacuum-cleaned everywhere.

Later, satisfied with my clear desk, I went for a walk and found this nikau tree. It too was shedding what was no longer needed: in this case, an old husk and a dead frond.

In the 70s, we used to retrieve the frond base that had been shed, varnish it and use it as a fruit bowl. Not now. I'm shedding, not accumulating.

As I looked at the beautiful bulbous shape emerging from the trunk, now smooth and unencumbered from the heavy old frond, I could see how the tree was now free to put its energy into ripening those droops of berries into the rich red of late autumn.

I too am now free of old fronds, and ready to ripen my new projects into mature fruit.

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Unknown said...

you express so beautifully just how I am feeling too Juliet. I love this time.