Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today in Auckland many of us wore red and black, the colours of Canterbury, as a way of showing our support.
Today at 12.51 pm, all over the country, we paused for 2 minutes' silence.
This afternoon I searched for red and black on the beach, and with the tide advancing behind my back, I made this symbol for Christchurch and all those affected by the earthquake.
It's the yin-yang symbol of eternal flux. It asserts that night becomes day, and day night; birth becomes death and death birth. Out of destruction comes creation.
Life reasserts itself; the cycle is endless; out of despair comes hope.

By not wanting, there is calm
And the world will straighten itself.
When there is silence,
one finds the anchor of the universe within oneself.
 (Tao Te Ching, 37th verse)


Unknown said...

This is so lovely Juliet. Beautiful meditations. The colour is wonderful and pohutukawa leaves so us. Red and black so Canterbury!

Anonymous said...

Your tributes and memorials are so lovely, Juliet. I sit here in tears as I read this and pray for your country. We just heard another quake shuttered just outside of Christchurch. Your verse could not ring out more truly.

Kerry-Ann Stanton said...

Such simple inspiration Juliet - thank you. As I paint my house I have been giving thanks for having a house to paint! And sending 'home' thoughts south.

Juliet said...

Thank you Joan, Penny and Kerry-Ann for your comments. It's good to feel the links between us all. That too gives a feeling of solidarity.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Thank you - I follow another blog - Ruth's Reflections and came here - I have linked a post to you.
SO apt

Marilyn & Jeff said...

Such a beautiful symbol for Christchurch, for all of NZ, as we are all one in our caring for Cantabrians and each other.
We found ourselves making a hurried trip down to Hamilton as our granddaughter arrived not unexpectedly but rather hurriedly. In the need/wish to get there quickly to give support we were driving at 12.51 so we observed our silence as we drove on but it was wonderful to see that cars had pulled over on the road verge and heads were bowed. We were filled with prayers of healing.