Monday, December 19, 2011

And sometimes summer looks like summer

The rain has cleared and the sun is peeping out behind the clouds. From my balcony I look out to the pohutukawa, ablaze with blossom.
The flame tree that stands just to the left, is now covered in green leaves. All winter it flared with scarlet flowers, but in summer the fire retreats and the pohutukawa picks up the theme. This photo was taken 3 weeks ago, and if you click on it you'll see the tui that perched in the uppermost branches, where it sang insistently, all day long. It was probably waiting patiently for the pohutukawa to blossom, for now it is feasting happily on the sweet nectar.
The scallop shell was a present from my granddaughter, the little yellow flowers from my meditation centre, and the pohutukawa 'petals' also gifted from a friend. Together, they make a little icon to encourage the sun to shine, and to stay awhile.


Anonymous said...

How wonderfully you celebrate the season, Juliet. Beautiful, all, but, especially the scallop shell. Such a lovely gift.

Juliet said...

Thank you Penny. Yes, I was so touched when Mira said, 'you can keep this. It's a present.'