Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pohutukawas in the city

The city is ablaze with the flowering of our traditional Christmas tree, the pohutukawa.
The roadside verges are full of young trees, in the flush of their first flowering.
Others have grown tall and skinny,
reaching to the sky with their bright offerings,
And some are small and straggly. The main thing is, they are everywhere! and people are still planting them. Some of the huge trees are magnificent, but it wasn't safe to stop and photograph them as I drove around the city today.

Red is such a positive, life-affirming colour. Even though the weather has been rather grey and rainy, our brightly flowering Christmas trees bring good cheer to the city.


Anonymous said...

How exciting these must be to see in full bloom, Juliet. I'm smiling just looking at your pictures. I can only imagine their natural beauty ablaze all around you. I like the thought of red being so "positive, life-affirming" a color. I think so too.

Marilyn & Jeff said...

Lovely photos of our Christmas tree. There are quite a few old pohutukawa trees in our local park and they are making such a gorgeous show. Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season Juliet.

Juliet said...

Penny, we are lucky to have this red blaze at this festive season, and Marilyn Happy Christmas to you too.