Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Te Henga magic

I packed, I shopped, I did dozens of tasks, I drove through dense traffic, and finally I arrived at the bach.
Once here, I cleaned, unpacked, cooked, and finally came to a standstill - or rather a sitstill - when I looked out the window and caught a quality of light that makes the casements of my heart fly open.
I slowed down
Birds twittered in the trees
and I became still
and awestruck at the beauty of nature, doing her simple evening thing that she has done for generations.
How could I have forgotten?
How could I have stayed away so long?
I felt as if I had entered a holy presence, here on the eve of the solstice.
May you too be granted a still moment to take in the wonder of nature, whether you are in the wintery northern hemisphere or here in the southern hemisphere summer.


Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful to see, Juliet, especially since our sky was so grey today. I sat still for a while today, however, even in the gloom there was beauty. Enjoy your holiday.

Juliet said...

Thank you Penny, and I'm delighted that you could enjoy the beauty of our sky while yours is grey. It's wonderful to be easing into holiday rhythm after much hard work.