Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why does seaweed smell?

Can you remember the total absorption of playing at the edge of the sea? Today was our first day at the local beach. I played with leaves, making an image to use on my new solstice card, and the little one discovered a new game: collecting seaweed. There were several different kinds: kelp, a long straggly black one, green clusters, a little sea lettuce, and neptune's necklace (bladder wort). She collected them all.
She's so proud of growing up, and being able to do things she couldn't do last year:
'I'm bigger now, and soon my head will bump the sky, and then the sky will be broken.'
Everything is fresh with a little one: the ideas, the play, and the conversation. After filling the big bucket with seaweed, she wanted to take it home.
'OK. I'll find a plastic bag, and daddy can wash it and put it on the garden.'
'But I want to take these ones (2 special kinds) into my room.'
'That's not a good idea because it will smell.'
'Because that's what seaweed does, especially when it gets old.'
All ideas for definitive answers will be gratefully received!


Marja said...

How cute ! We have spend hours and hours on the beach when the kids were small collecting shells, stones and driftwood. Some of it is stil decorating our garden.

Juliet said...

Hi Marja, yes isn't it true that they want to bring everything home!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the wonderful "why" years. So special (well, most of the time). What fun you must be having with Mira on the beach and watching her discover the wonder of it all.

I love your title today, Juliet. Such a lovely post.

Juliet said...

Thank you Penny, and yes indeed, the 'why' years! That is a perfect description. I remember how much patience it took (and I didn't always have it) when my son was small.

Lynley said...

I had an afternoon of "why?" yesterday with my two and a half year old grandson.
I remember this stage with my three children. Sometimes I would ask them what they thought the answer was, sometimes I would burst into song. As they got older we would look up answers in books or at the library. But my patience was thin at times too Juliet.

My little one posed me the tough question of "What is "safe" Gran?" yesterday......

Juliet said...

Oh Lynley, they do test us don't they? I love your response of bursting into song. That sounds like a good outlet when there are no more answers!

Lynley said...

Bursting into song generally works a treat - for a short time anyway...... Happy days!